hello, friends! i’m elizabeth, a 19-year-old student at the ryerson school of journalism in toronto. i bought a journal a while ago that has 642 writing prompts in it but i don’t like writing in the physical book because of space constraints and my inconsistent handwriting bugs me. i am very aesthetically oriented. so i decided to type up my entries and post them here.

i like fashion, beauty, lifestyle articles, magazines, and online shopping. i don’t like using capital letters unless it’s absolutely necessary and since this is my personal work, it’s not absolutely necessary. the oxford comma is absolutely necessary.

my favourite foods include sushi, avocado anything, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets. my favourite things to drink are tea, shaken iced teas with raspberry syrup from starbucks (no lemonade), and the starbucks blonde roast vanilla latté (the only roast of coffee that doesn’t make my stomach hurt!!). my favourite colours are yellow and orange and pink. my favourite movies at the moment include la la land and beauty and the beast (live action, but also animated). my favourite tv shows at the moment include gilmore girls, jane the virgin, switched at birth, friends, suits, scandal, how to get away with murder…(there are so many omg. watching netflix is a great hobby of mine). my favourite animals are literally just whichever i find adorable, so puppies and kittens are pretty high up there. generally, if they’re small and fluffy i’m in love. i can’t pick favourite songs or artists, sorry.

most of the writing i do is for school and i’m generally not a fan of my assignments at all but i do like writing when i have sufficient creative freedom. so here i am. writing with sufficient creative freedom.

and that’s all the potentially interesting information about myself i can think of to write here.

with love, elizabeth