7 of 642: something you had that was stolen.

i came back to my apartment after class to take a nap instead of attending my next class. it was two hour long literature lecture that started at 8 am and i had stayed up late the night before, working on an assignment. sleep was more important at that moment than my next class, which i was doing very well in. it was very easy and i had at a 98% in it at that point.

as soon as i put my bag down and taken off my jacket and shoes, i noticed i wasn’t wearing my ring. slightly panicked, i went to check my bathroom counter; i must have forgotten to put it back on after my shower. it wasn’t there.

it wasn’t in my jacket pocket or my school bag either, so it didn’t fall off my finger into one of them. i checked my whole apartment. no sign of it. it must have fallen of my finger in class, or on my way there or back, i thought. so i looked. i retraced my steps from that morning. it wasn’t on the ground outside or on the hallway floor. i looked all around my seat in the lecture hall. it wasn’t there.

i got my ring in ireland when i was 15. it was a claddagh ring with a green stone and i wore it on my finger every single day since. i have accepted that someone probably found it and kept it. it was very pretty.

i finished the semester nearly failing the class i skipped the day i lost the ring.


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