5 of 642: you are an astronaut. describe your perfect day.

it’s the first day in a very long time that i can just sit quietly by the window and write and sketch. since we left earth, we’ve had a lot of work to do at the station, and breaks were for eating, sleeping, and getting used to the way things work up here, in terms of the whole gravity thing. we’re done the first phase of the project now and have a few days before starting the next one.

days like these are the reason i’ve always wanted to go to space. sitting back beside a window, quietly watching our blue planet spin from a distance. i’ve always imagined it to be a magical experience, but to actually live it is otherworldly.

it’s a very special experience to watch our home planet from above. looking down and realizing that this is where, many years ago, dinosaurs roamed freely. this is where, many years ago, cavemen lived and developed ancient tools. this is where humans formed civilizations and developed everything we know today. this is where, today, our friends and families live.

on this planet, billions of human lives are being lived. billions of experiences are happening, and memories formed. to look at this from outside is a truly out-of-this-world experience.


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