3 of 642: a houseplant is dying. tell it why it needs to live.

dear houseplant,

how are you? i hope you’re alright. this morning i noticed two brown spots on one of your leaves while I was watering you! are you sick? are you dying?

i really hope you’re okay. i couldn’t bear to lose you. i don’t know how I’d live without you!

i remember the day you joined my home. you were a tiny little plantling. i picked you from the store because out of all the other plantlings, you were the cutest to me. i also bought you a cute little pot! it was yellow with pink spots. then, we went back to my house and i showed you your new home. right in the middle of my bedroom windowsill. it was the perfect spot; it gave you with just the right amount of sunlight!

from that point on, you were my best friend. i could always count on you being there when i came home, and you were always there for me when i was feeling down. whenever i needed someone to talk to, i knew where to find you: in the middle of my bedroom windowsill. and you are the best listener out of everyone i know. you never interrupt me, even when you have something you want to share, like when a pretty ladybug lands on you.

you were always very patient with me. you never once complained when i made a mistake, like that time when i accidentally spilled too much water in your pot and it overflowed, or the time i forgot to close the window on a windy day and you fell over. i don’t think i ever told you how much i appreciate that, and for that i apologize.

you, dear houseplant, must stay strong. we’ve been through thick and thin together for so long. we saw each other grow up! you watched me evolve as i went through all four years of high school, and i watched you grow three pot sizes! you work very hard to provide my room with fresh oxygen every single day and for that I am grateful. please, please hold on a little longer. i need you.

stay strong,



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