1 of 642: what can happen in a second

a second is the smallest unit of measuring time. there are sixty of them in a minute, 3,600 in an hour, 86,400 in a day. there are over 31 and a half million seconds in a year. it doesn’t seem like a lot of time at all. in one second, you can only say two or three words.

it takes very many seconds to achieve something amazing, but you should never underestimate what can happen in a single one. one second is all that’s needed to change someone’s entire world. your whole life is defined by each second you experience.

it only takes a second to react to that beautiful gift you just opened from your mother. it only takes a second for your soon-to-be love to ask you out on a date. or for your current love to propose. it only takes a second for you to relax when your dog gives you a kiss after a long day at work. it only takes a second to find out that wonderful news you’ve been waiting to hear for what seems like an eternity.

but a single second can also bring great devastation. in only a second, you can get hit by a car. in only a second you could become paralyzed, never being able to play your favourite sport again. in only a second, an entire network of family and friends could lose a loved one. in only a second, you could hit someone with a car. that single second can bring on a lifetime supply of guilt for the one behind the wheel, and a lifetime supply of heartbreak from the loss for many others.

being at the right time at the right place depends on a single second. if you’d have waited one more second before leaving the coffee shop, you could have met your soulmate. if you’d have left for lunch one second earlier, you could have made it to the food court right before the lunch rush.

a list of nice things to do that only take a second:

smile, laugh, take a (short) deep breath, give a high five, have a first kiss, win (or lose) a game of rock paper scissors, give a compliment, pet an animal, take a photo, send a text, stretch your legs, take a sip of water, tell someone “I love you,” start a conversation with someone you miss, compliment someone, tweet an emoji, take a bite of your favourite meal

don’t underestimate what can happen in a second.


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