7 of 642: something you had that was stolen.

i came back to my apartment after class to take a nap instead of attending my next class. it was two hour long literature lecture that started at 8 am and i had stayed up late the night before, working on an assignment. sleep was more important at that moment than my next class, which i was doing very well in. it was very easy and i had at a 98% in it at that point.

as soon as i put my bag down and taken off my jacket and shoes, i noticed i wasn’t wearing my ring. slightly panicked, i went to check my bathroom counter; i must have forgotten to put it back on after my shower. it wasn’t there.

it wasn’t in my jacket pocket or my school bag either, so it didn’t fall off my finger into one of them. i checked my whole apartment. no sign of it. it must have fallen of my finger in class, or on my way there or back, i thought. so i looked. i retraced my steps from that morning. it wasn’t on the ground outside or on the hallway floor. i looked all around my seat in the lecture hall. it wasn’t there.

i got my ring in ireland when i was 15. it was a claddagh ring with a green stone and i wore it on my finger every single day since. i have accepted that someone probably found it and kept it. it was very pretty.

i finished the semester nearly failing the class i skipped the day i lost the ring.


6 of 642: tell a story that begins with a ransom note.

The Window was Closed

“If u want ur bracelet put 3 oreos, 6 skittle (no green ones), half of ur toothfairy money and Brown Bear in ur purple baggy and leave it outside Jack’s door after bedtime. Be quiet and don’t let ANYONE know about this!!!!”

“JACK!” I yelled, after reading the note my toddler handed me. “Come downstairs, now!”

The five-year-old entered the dining room. “Yes, mommy?”

I handed him the yellow construction paper note. “Where’s Sara’s bracelet?”

“Uhh…I don’t know.”

“What are you holding?”

Jack stared at the note. “Construction paper with words on it.”

I sighed. Jack has always been such a good kid. He always eats his veggies, never stays up past his bedtime, and loves sharing his toys. Since I wasn’t going to get any information out of him, I went up to his room.

His room was quite tidy, considering his age. I looked around for some cut-up yellow paper and crayons, and his sister’s bracelet. On the floor, on his crafts table, under his bed, in his toy boxes. After searching every square inch of his room to no avail, I decided to take a look in my oldest son Leo’s room.

Leo was staying at his grandparents’ home for the week, since his day camp is in their town. I wanted to see if Jack has hidden his note-making supplies and Sara’s bracelet in his brother’s room to frame him.

Leo’s room looked like a tornado had swept through it, which was odd as I had him clean his room before he left for grandma and grandpa’s. I looked around. There was a clean area on his desk, on top of which was the bracelet, some yellow construction paper, a pair of scissors, and an opened pack of crayons. I took a step towards it and at that moment, a strong gust of wind swept through the room and slammed the door shut.

The window was closed.

5 of 642: you are an astronaut. describe your perfect day.

it’s the first day in a very long time that i can just sit quietly by the window and write and sketch. since we left earth, we’ve had a lot of work to do at the station, and breaks were for eating, sleeping, and getting used to the way things work up here, in terms of the whole gravity thing. we’re done the first phase of the project now and have a few days before starting the next one.

days like these are the reason i’ve always wanted to go to space. sitting back beside a window, quietly watching our blue planet spin from a distance. i’ve always imagined it to be a magical experience, but to actually live it is otherworldly.

it’s a very special experience to watch our home planet from above. looking down and realizing that this is where, many years ago, dinosaurs roamed freely. this is where, many years ago, cavemen lived and developed ancient tools. this is where humans formed civilizations and developed everything we know today. this is where, today, our friends and families live.

on this planet, billions of human lives are being lived. billions of experiences are happening, and memories formed. to look at this from outside is a truly out-of-this-world experience.

4 of 642: write facebook status updates for the year 2017 write instagram captions for the year 2022

i can’t believe i finally got to spend nye in times square! dream come true. read all about my trip in a new blog post coming out tomorrow!

new york blog post is now live! link in bio 🙂

first day of my last semester of my master’s program. possibly my last first day of school ever.

wanna know how i make myself look put together when put together is the last thing i feel? check out my latest blog post (link in bio) !!


i can’t believe my last semester of university is about to end! omg! i’m so old.

last graduation coming up! but what will i have to live for now? 😮

#graduated #again #forthelasttime

guess who’s spending half the summer touring europe and getting paid for it??? me!! watch out for blog updates over the next two months, exciting stuff will happen.

3 of 642: a houseplant is dying. tell it why it needs to live.

dear houseplant,

how are you? i hope you’re alright. this morning i noticed two brown spots on one of your leaves while I was watering you! are you sick? are you dying?

i really hope you’re okay. i couldn’t bear to lose you. i don’t know how I’d live without you!

i remember the day you joined my home. you were a tiny little plantling. i picked you from the store because out of all the other plantlings, you were the cutest to me. i also bought you a cute little pot! it was yellow with pink spots. then, we went back to my house and i showed you your new home. right in the middle of my bedroom windowsill. it was the perfect spot; it gave you with just the right amount of sunlight!

from that point on, you were my best friend. i could always count on you being there when i came home, and you were always there for me when i was feeling down. whenever i needed someone to talk to, i knew where to find you: in the middle of my bedroom windowsill. and you are the best listener out of everyone i know. you never interrupt me, even when you have something you want to share, like when a pretty ladybug lands on you.

you were always very patient with me. you never once complained when i made a mistake, like that time when i accidentally spilled too much water in your pot and it overflowed, or the time i forgot to close the window on a windy day and you fell over. i don’t think i ever told you how much i appreciate that, and for that i apologize.

you, dear houseplant, must stay strong. we’ve been through thick and thin together for so long. we saw each other grow up! you watched me evolve as i went through all four years of high school, and i watched you grow three pot sizes! you work very hard to provide my room with fresh oxygen every single day and for that I am grateful. please, please hold on a little longer. i need you.

stay strong,


2 of 642: the worst thanksgiving dish you’ve ever had

everything was dull. the flavours on the plates were dull. the conversations were dull. there was a lot of uncomfortable, repetitive small-talk and terribly awkward glances. everything seemed so fake without you, like a really bad dream.

this was our first thanksgiving without you. we tried to think of things we were grateful for but no happy thing could overpower the heavy loss hanging over the table.

in your memory, we had pumpkin pie made according to your special recipe, but it wasn’t very sweet this time. i don’t think it ever will be again. that particular pumpkin pie was the worst thanksgiving dish i’ve ever had.

1 of 642: what can happen in a second

a second is the smallest unit of measuring time. there are sixty of them in a minute, 3,600 in an hour, 86,400 in a day. there are over 31 and a half million seconds in a year. it doesn’t seem like a lot of time at all. in one second, you can only say two or three words.

it takes very many seconds to achieve something amazing, but you should never underestimate what can happen in a single one. one second is all that’s needed to change someone’s entire world. your whole life is defined by each second you experience.

it only takes a second to react to that beautiful gift you just opened from your mother. it only takes a second for your soon-to-be love to ask you out on a date. or for your current love to propose. it only takes a second for you to relax when your dog gives you a kiss after a long day at work. it only takes a second to find out that wonderful news you’ve been waiting to hear for what seems like an eternity.

but a single second can also bring great devastation. in only a second, you can get hit by a car. in only a second you could become paralyzed, never being able to play your favourite sport again. in only a second, an entire network of family and friends could lose a loved one. in only a second, you could hit someone with a car. that single second can bring on a lifetime supply of guilt for the one behind the wheel, and a lifetime supply of heartbreak from the loss for many others.

being at the right time at the right place depends on a single second. if you’d have waited one more second before leaving the coffee shop, you could have met your soulmate. if you’d have left for lunch one second earlier, you could have made it to the food court right before the lunch rush.

a list of nice things to do that only take a second:

smile, laugh, take a (short) deep breath, give a high five, have a first kiss, win (or lose) a game of rock paper scissors, give a compliment, pet an animal, take a photo, send a text, stretch your legs, take a sip of water, tell someone “I love you,” start a conversation with someone you miss, compliment someone, tweet an emoji, take a bite of your favourite meal

don’t underestimate what can happen in a second.